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The 5 Cardinal Sins of Pricing Your Home | #TipsFromTheTeam Episode 6

Are these 5 cardinal sins of home pricing causing you to miss out on selling your home for what it's truly worth?

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Top 5 Steps in the Home Listing Process | #TipsFromTheTeam Episode 5

You've got to nail these 5 steps in the home listing process! (Plus: Downloadable checklist of full home listing process!)

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The Termite Inspection: Debugging the Truth

Your termite inspection report is about much more than just termites and sawdust. In this episode of Tips from the Team, we find out what you're really looking for, what your report tells you, and what to do after the report.

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The Dirty Little Secret of Real Estate… and the Secret-Busting Questions You Need to Ask

Have you heard about real estate's “dirty little secret”? More importantly… Do you know what questions to ask to make sure that YOU don't get caught by it? This 4-minute…

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Does Working with an Agent Matter when You’re Selling Your Home?

When you decide to sell your home, you're probably primarily concerned about three things: 1. You want to sell the house for the best possible price. 2. You want your…

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