About the Alex Bracke Real Estate Group

The Alex Bracke Real Estate Group strives to lead the Northern Virginia real estate market by delivering innovative solutions with unparalleled service and steadfast expertise.

We provide buyers and sellers the experience of working with a team of trusted partners, dedicated individuals each with the ability to balance timeless principles of integrity and reliability with cutting-edge technology and local market savvy.


The Alex Bracke Real Estate Group is united by our commitment to industry-leading excellence in real estate, yet our shared ethos extends beyond the walls of our office. We also share a dedication to supporting our own and each other's personal endeavors, giving back to the community, and loving life.


To be the most trusted and influential leaders in Northern Virginia real estate, exceeding our most ambitious goals by consistently exceeding our clients’ highest expectations.


Our vision is of becoming the best-in-class standard against which other Northern Virginia real estate teams measure their success. We achieve this by empowering each team member to pursue ambitiously and vigorously that which matters most: outstanding client experience, giving back to the community, and personal fulfillment.


These values outline what all of us at the Alex Bracke Real Estate Group hold as our standards. We hold ourselves to them, and we hold each other to them. These values define our rubric for determining the fit of any potential hires, collaborators, or contractors, as well. Our team's success depends upon its LEADERSHIP, defined by the following values:

L – Leaders Only

E – Expertise

A – Accountability to Clients and Teammates

D – Driven by Goals and Principles

E – Extraordinary Results

R – Reliability

S – Service to Community

H – Hardworking

I – Integrity

P – Persistence


Our culture can be summed up in two words: Love Life.

1. Love Life At Work.

We believe that this life is too short to spend it doing something you don’t love. We help clients buy and sell their homes because that’s what we LOVE doing. Outhustling the competition and surpassing our most ambitious goals requires a daily choice, a daily recommitment. We answer that choice with a resounding YES because we love it.

2. Love Life in Our Community.

We believe that loving life includes caring for the world around us, in big and small ways. Giving back to the community by supporting and participating in causes that matter to us is a way we can serve the people and environment around us.

3. Love Life through Personal Fulfillment.

“You can’t love life if all you do is work.”

That’s a quote directly from our founder, Alex Bracke — and we believe it’s true. While many other real estate agencies make long workdays and no vacation time the expected norm, we prioritize family life and time away from work. You can’t love life if all you do is work — and we don’t expect you to.