5 DIY Ideas to Organize Your Garage

No matter how spacious your garage starts out, who among us hasn't gotten to that point where the clutter, mess, “stuff I'll deal with later,” or general disorganization leaves you feeling like the garage space has somehow gotten away from you?

There's no better time than now to take back that space!

And good news: there are plenty of ways you can organize your garage that you can accomplish in a weekend, DIY-style, with minimal equipment or money.

Take a look at a few examples…

Organize Your Garage DIY Idea #1: PVC Pipe Yard Tool Organizer

Brooms, shovels, rakes – all the tools that we love to have handy when we need them are also the ones that never seem to be easy to find when we want them!

Why not solve that once and for all with some simple PVC?

Garage DIY - PVC Organizer

source: Ideas2Live4

Garage DIY - PVC Organizer2

source: AshbeeDesign

Get step-by-step instructions and images at AshbeeDesign.

Organize Your Garage DIY Idea #2: Repurpose Hanging Shoe Organizer

The “little stuff” in the garage becomes a big hassle. It's never where you thought you left it, and it's hard to figure out the right place to store it, since so much of the garage storage is made for big items.

Solve the problem by turning to something not made for garage items at all: a shoe organizer.

Simply hang the shoe organizer on your garage wall, and you've got an easy place to store a lot of that “little stuff” that otherwise winds up lost in the nooks and crannies scattered around the rest of the garage.

Garage DIY - Shoe Organizer

source: hisugarplumblog

The one in the picture above is opaque, but there are clear ones (like this one from Whitmor on Amazon) that would make sure you never wonder, “What's in that pocket?”

Organize Your Garage DIY Idea #3: Sliding Ceiling Storage

You know where in your garage you have a whole bunch of space you're probably not using? Just look… up.

If you really want to get maximum organization in your garage, you're going to want to make use of the storage potential above you.

That space is ideal for items you don't use regularly, like seasonal items, or your camping or specialty sporting gear. It's also a great spot for bulky items like extra bedding and pillows.

The materials and skill required for this project are simpler than you might think, and the outcome is a big score in out-of-the-way storage.

Garage DIY - Ceiling Storage

source: familyhandyman

Click over to familyhandyman for all the project details, including a material list and step-by-step pictures and instructions.

Organize Your Garage DIY Idea #4: Organize By Zone

Part of the reason the garage always ends up back in its cluttered state might be that the way you're trying to organize it just doesn't work for you and your family.

The idea of assigning “zones” to your garage helps you organize by purpose, rather than just trying to fit stuff in wherever it happens to be. This way, the layout of your garage makes sense and functions well for the way you and your family actually use it… which makes it less likely to devolve back into clutter.

Might be worth a try!

Garage DIY - Zone Organization

source: easyclosets

Get full details on how to organize your garage by zone here.

Organize Your Garage DIY Idea #5: Cordless Drill Charging Station

The mighty cordless drill: the hero of any good DIY project, am I right?

Which why it's the frustration of any DIY project to discover that your favorite cordless drill has no charge and you forgot to juice up the backup battery too.

This ingenious charging station and organizer takes care of that, giving you an easy place to charge and store your cordless tools so they're easily at hand when you need them – and fully charged.

Garage DIY - cordless drill station

source: hertoolbelt

All the photos, instructions, and free plans for the cordless drill charging station and organizer can be found over at hertoolbelt.

What organization ideas have you tried and loved for your garage?

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