Looking to sell your home fast? Of course you are. The next question is, how do you do it?

The answer for that one is simple also: Make your home look as beautiful and problem-free as possible. You’ve got to remove all reasons a potential buyer may have to reject your home. But don’t worry—you don’t have to spend a ton of money to bring your home to tip-top shape.

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Here are affordable and easy home repairs you can do yourself for $50 or less. Even better? You can get a lot of these home repairs done after work or over the weekend. We’ve also included helpful tutorials for how to DIY these repairs so you don’t have to track down additional resources.

Let’s get started!

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Image Courtesy of Lowes

Paint the walls. When selling your home, always opt for a neutral color to appeal to a wider selection of buyers. Here’s a primer on how to paint walls.

Patch holes in drywall. Holes in your walls can signal to buyers that you didn’t maintain your home. It’ll make potential buyers suspicious about the general upkeep up your home. Here’s a video tutorial on how to patch and repair drywall.

Repair holes in textured drywall. Textured walls require a different approach than smooth drywall. Here's a tutorial for how to repair textured drywall.

Get rid of wall anchors. Do you have stubborn wall anchors that are deeply wedged in? Use this tutorial to patch and sand.

Repair a drywall crack. Here's how to quickly fix those tell-tale signs of house settling.


red beacon

Image Courtesy of Red Beacon

Paint the ceiling. Painting your ceiling can brighten the entire room. Here's a primer on how to paint the ceiling like a pro.

Paint the basement ceiling. Do you have unsightly exposed beams in your basement? Here's how to paint your basement ceiling to make it look intentionally industrial.

Get rid of popcorn ceiling. It can definitely be an eyesore, and if you’ve been meaning to get rid of it, now’s your chance. Here's a tutorial on removing popcorn ceiling.

Repair popcorn ceiling. Don’t have the energy to scrape off your popcorn ceiling, but need to patch bare areas? Check out this tutorial for repairing a popcorn ceiling.

Remove water stains from ceiling. Water stains are a big no-no. They indicate a leak, which will send buyers running for the hills. First, make sure you take care of the problem causing the stain, and then do this.

Cover a ceiling crack. Here's how to cover a crack in your ceiling.

Patch a ceiling hole. Forget about cracks, do you have a hole in your ceiling? Here's how to remedy that.



Image Courtesy of Home Repair Tutor

Lubricate a sticking window. Every window in your home should raise open and shut close with ease. Here's a 10 minute repair for a sticking window.

Weatherize windows. Seal a drafty window with this tutorial.

Replace window screens. Are any of your window screens ripped? Here's how to replace a window screen.

Clean windows. By the way, take the opportunity to clean your windows, too. Here are a few tips for cleaning your windows, especially the second story windows.

Seal air leaks. Check for any leaks around your home and seal them, too. Here's how.



Image Courtesy of DoItYourself

Fix cabinet doors that don’t close. Do you have any stubborn cabinet doors that won’t shut? It’s an easy fix. Here's how to fix any wayward cabinet doors.

Paint the front and back doors. Do your doors look drab and unkempt? Paint them.

How to repair a squeaky door. You can fix a squeaky household door in under 10 minutes with this tutorial.

Fix squeaky garage doors. Household doors aren’t the only ones that squeak. Here's how to take the squeaky out of garage doors.

Repair damaged hollow core doors. Do you have damage to your interior doors? Here's how to repair them without buying a whole new door.

Patch dents in metal door. Bad stuff happens to exterior doors, too. Here's how to repair any metal exterior door.



Image Courtesy of Family Handyman

Remove old carpet. Do you need to remove old, stained carpet to reveal the wood floors or tile underneath? Check out this tutorial on how to easily remove old carpet.

Repair floor scratches. What happens if you pull up old carpet and there’s scratches on your hardwood? Don’t worry. Check out this tutorial on fixing scratches in hardwood.

Take the squeak out of a squeaky floor. Does the floor squeak when you walk? Here are two easy tricks to stop the squeak: Using construction adhesive and using a drill.

Repair concrete cracks. Are there any cracks in your concrete garage or basement? Don’t let them go unattended. Here's how to repair those concrete cracks yourself.


home repair tutor cracked tile

Image Courtesy of Home Repair Tutor

Caulk your bathtub and sink. Caulking your bathtub and sink can breathe new life to your bathroom. Here's an easy tutorial for caulking.

Remove silicone caulk. Get rid of gunky and discolored silicone caulk for $5. Here's how.

Remove grout. You can also remove grout by yourself without too much hassle. Check out this grout removal tutorial.

Regrout tile. Now that you’ve removed that old grout, here’s how to regrout your tiled floor or walls.

Whiten old grout. Don’t have time to replace grout? Check out how to whiten grimy grout here.

Remove permanent marker from tile. Do you have permanent marker on your tile floors? Here's how to remove permanent ink stains from your tiles.

Paint bathroom tile. Did you know you can paint over ceramic tile? Here’s how to do it with ease.

Repair a cracked tile. Go here for an easy way to replace that singular cracked tile in the middle of your floor.

Deep clean ceramic tile and grout. Here’s a comparison of what to use and what not to use.

Stop a running toilet. Does your toilet keep running? Here's how to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Paint or replace brass fixtures. Brass fixtures are dated and ugly, and buyers reject them immediately. You can actually spray paint them and here’s how.

Paint sinks. You can paint sinks too. Here's an easy to follow tutorial.

Paint tub and shower. Paint that grimey old tub and shower white. Check out this tutorial.


amily handy man hot water

Image Courtesy of Family Handyman

Boost low water pressure. Check out this guide for how to troubleshoot low water pressure.

Fix hot water problems. You may be able to fix your water heater, too. Here's how to do that.


Replace switch covers. Replace those grimy, dirty covers for pennies. Here are 10 easy steps to follow.


bob villa

Image Courtesy of Bob Villa

Get rid of mildew smell in basement. Do you have that dreaded wet smell in your basement? Here's how to remedy it with a bottle of bleach.

Clean up and keep mold from coming back. Here's a simple remedy for cleaning mold away from your home.

Tighten loose gutters. No one wants to see a loose gutter when they’re looking to buy your home. Here's an easy fix.

Clean the brick walls. Restore your brick walls to their prior glory. Here's how to clean your brick exterior walls.

Clean vinyl siding. Do you have vinyl siding? Make sure that it sparkles too. Here's how to clean your vinyl siding, too.

Replace vinyl siding. Is there a spot in your siding that’s damaged? Here's how to replace vinyl siding with a $5 tool.

Clean your A/C condenser unit. While you’re outside, make sure you clean your air conditioner condenser unit too.

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