You probably know Barbara Corcoran from the mega-hit television show Shark Tank. Long before the world knew her as a “shark,” though, she was a renowned real estate expert. She is the real estate powerhouse behind The Corcoran Group, New York's largest real estate company.

In a brief but advice-packed video, Barbara Corcoran offers up several pieces of must-have home staging advice. Don't let the lack of flashy production on the video fool you into dismissing it. This one may be light on sizzle, but it's got plenty of steak.

Let's dig in to Barbara's advice.

Remove anything that draws attention to the negative - Barbara Corcoran

1. Remove anything that draws attention to the negative. In this yard, the bench is doing exactly that. The yard isn't a good yard for lounging around, and having a bench in it emphasizes that negative point. The bench has to go!

Landscaping that takes light out of the home takes money out of your pocket. - Barbara Corcoran

2. Draw attention to large trees, which can be status symbols in suburban markets. Tidy up the other landscaping by replacing the middle trees with small hedges around the front. They will look more cared for and will let more light in to the home. Landscaping that takes light out of the house is taking money out of your pocket.

A cheap door makes a buyer think "cheap house." - Barbara Corcoran

3. Pay attention to details with your front door. A cheap door makes a buyer think “cheap house.”

A buyer judges your house within 8 seconds of walking through the door. - Barbara Corcoran

4. A buyer judges your house within 8 seconds upon going in the first door. Make those first 8 seconds count!

Allow a buyer to "mentally move in" - Barbara Corcoran

5. Get rid of your personal stuff (like photos). You have to allow a buyer to “mentally move in.” A buyer isn’t going to move in in his mind if he can’t see past your stuff!

A room the lacks light feels sad. - Barbara Corcoran

6. A room that lacks light will feel sad.

Curtains that steal needed light need to go - Barbara Corcoran

7. Curtains that take away needed light need to go! (Plus, these particular curtains are the wrong color for the room they're in.)

Light sells houses!- Barbara Corcoran

8. Even without the curtains the bushes outside are stealing all the light. Get rid of them. Light sells homes!

Kitchen is important - Barbara Corcoran

9. The kitchen is the most important room of any house, but usually there's no need to make major improvements. Barbara advises a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and making sure nothing is on the counter. And that’s it!

Minor touchups for major differences in bathroom - Barbara Corcoran

10. The second most important room in the house is the bathroom. But like the kitchen, you probably don't need to do major improvements. Even a bathroom that’s 50 years old can be freshened up with just minor touch-ups. Redoing the grouting and reglazing the bathtub can go a long way toward making a bathroom look great.

Declutter everywhere even in the bathroom - Barbara Corcoran

11. Even in the bathroom, remember to clear out the clutter!

People want peacefulness and cleanliness in the bedroom. - Barbara Corcoran

12. “What people want in bedrooms is peacefulness and cleanliness.” And remember: clean rooms look bigger.

Buyers judge what's in your house by what's in your linen closet. - Barbara Corcoran

13. Buyers judge what's inside your house by what's inside your linen closet. If your linen closet is a mess, a buyer will assume that your plumbing, electrical, and the things behind the walls are a mess too. “If you can clean up the linen closet and make it meticulous, buyers will assume the very best of your house.”

Every home has its own odor. - Barbara Corcoran

14. Every house has its own odor. To make your home smell more inviting, stop smoking, temporarily re-home your pets, use potpourri, and boil cinnamon before your open house. “All of these things make the buyer love your home because it simply smells good.”

Watch the whole video and get every last bit of Barbara's valuable home staging advice below: