You know what it’s like to go to a luxury hotel suite and think, wow, I wish I could live here—it’s amazing! That’s the same feeling you can inspire with your home. By using the same principles that hotel interior designers do, you can impress a potential buyer into making an offer on your home.

It’s all about staging. Staging is the process of decorating your home to make it ready to sell. Whether your home is empty or full, we can arrange your home to appeal to potential buyers.

If your home is empty, you’re asking a lot of buyers. You’re asking them to see themselves living in your home, and that’s harder than it seems. You should add furniture and accessories to create a sense of place.

But staging isn’t just about adding, it’s also about taking stuff away. A lot of homes suffer from clutter and owner customization.

Maybe you’re not convinced that staging is for you—well, this post is! We’re going to list seven reasons why you definitely need to stage your home immediately, if not sooner. Let’s get started:

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Reason #1: It Helps Buyers Visualize Themselves Living There

According to a 2015 study from the National Association of Realtors, staging a home made a difference for 81% of potential home buyers. It helped them imagine living in the new home.


Image Courtesy of Realtor

While a blessed few of us can walk into a barren, empty room and see all of the possibilities, most of us just can’t do it.

For example, if your buyer walks into an empty room, he may misjudge its size. He may think it’s too small to fit his sectional or king size bed. However, a smartly staged home can show your buyer that this room can accommodate “real sized” furniture.

Here’s the takeaway: Don’t force people to imagine living there. Show them exactly what’s possible.

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Reason #2: It Plays Up All Your Home’s Great Features

Do you have bay windows, inlaid wood floors, tray ceilings, or any other feature that a homebuyer may love? You’ve got to play those features up and draw your buyer’s attention to them. Change the drapes, get rid of the rug, paint the ceiling, and show your buyer all the reasons why your home is the one.

If you show an empty home, a lot of the fine details can get lost in the boringness of beige.

If you show your home as you live in it now, those same details can get covered up by your decorating choices.

In staging your home, we can focus on the key elements that buyers love (that you may have forgotten about).

Reason #3: It Can Increase Your Home’s Perceived Value

A well-appointed home can make a huge impression on your potential buyer. Even if a design isn’t to their taste, staging can make your home look:

More sophisticated. Superior quality furnishings can improve the buyer’s perception of your home.

Move-in ready. Even if the home is sold unfurnished, staging gives the buyer ideas of what to put where.

Well-planned out. That awkward nook and cranny underneath the stairs? Staging can show a buyer what’s possible.

Think about it. When a buyer walks into an empty home, they’ll see all of the work that needs to be done.

They may think, I need to buy more furniture, I need to get rid of my furniture, this paint color is horrible, those cabinets have to go, the bathroom needs a complete overhaul, and so on.

A staged home reduces or eliminates those worries. Staging makes your home appear “move in-ready.” When a buyer compares your move-in ready home to the unstaged home down the street, it won’t be much of a contest. Because they can imagine exactly what it’s like to live in your home, your staged home will edge out the competition.

It’s not just perceived value, either. We found that a well-staged home can sell for a 7% higher price.

Reason #4: It Neutralizes the Home

You’ve lived in and love your home, and you’ve done it your way. Your way is great for you, but it may not resonate with your potential home buyer. Your interior design aesthetics may be completely incompatible. Perhaps you’re shabby chic and they’re ultra modern.

Here’s the problem: you can only see your home in the design style that you’ve made it into. And so will your potential buyer. He may not like your design style and, unfortunately, now he can’t see it any other way.

The solution: staging. You can create a neutral interpretation of your home that appeals to a wide range of buyers. You’ll have a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

This way, a buyer can come in with an open mind, not a prejudice against your design style. A staged home will give your buyer enough room to see the home’s potential while not getting overwhelmed by individual design choices.

Reason #5: It Helps Your Home Sell Faster

Here’s an interesting study: The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) found that staged homes spent 72% less time on the market. They studied homes that had been listed, unstaged. These homes sat on the market for 143 days on average. After staging, these same homes sold within 40 days. That’s the difference between shelling out an extra four to five months of mortgage payments while you wait for your home to sell.


Image Courtesy of Real Estate Staging Association

Reason #6: It “Reads” Better Online

Back in the old days, advertising your home was all about a yard sign, an open house, and possibly ads in the newspaper and grocery store periodicals. But this isn’t the 80s.

Nowadays, people start their search online.

Realtor.org shows that 100% of home buyers use the Internet to research their potential home. What will your home say about you?


Compared to an empty or owner-decorated home, a staged home looks better in photos. Here’s why:

An empty home doesn’t show well in photos. It’s hard to see angles, such as corners. It’s difficult to determine the size of a space without any furniture present.

An owner-decorated home can look cluttered and unfocused. You have too much furniture that crowds the space and prevents buyers from seeing the bones of the home.

You’re also competing with other homes that are staged. Because most of us are visual thinkers, a well-staged home is much more compelling than one that isn’t.

Reason #7: It Helps Create an Emotional Attachment

An empty home doesn’t do much for the emotions. On the other hand, an owner-decorated home can do a lot for the emotions. Unfortunately, most of it is negative.

When a buyer comes into your home, they can feel anything from apathetic to horrified by your design choices. The more customized your design, the more you’ll alienate the buyer pool.

But, don’t take it personally—people just like what they like. And, we actually welcome their emotions, we just want to direct it into a positive emotion.

For example, we want to inspire joy, wonder, and love. We’ll even welcome envy.

A well-staged home can make potential homebuyers feel connected to the home and inspire them to make an offer right away.

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Let’s Get to Staging

If you’re not staging, you’re throwing away money and wasting time. Let’s get to staging so we can get to selling!