Don't overlook the importance of staging your home when you're selling! A staged home can boost perceived value by as much as 10%.

Living in a staged house can be challenging, though. Here are a few tips for managing.

In the kitchen:

Remember the see-and-sniff rule: buyers don’t want to see last night’s half-eaten dinner on a plate, and they don’t want to sniff last night’s dinner upon entering the kitchen. At minimum, place dirty dishes in the dishwasher before vacating your home for a showing. Another, and perhaps better, solution is to pack and store your dinnerware and use disposable plates and utensils for meals instead.

In the bedroom:

One task you should never skimp on is making the beds each morning, especially in the master bedroom… a freshly made bed, plumped pillows and all, recreates the staged effect and helps buyers visualize concepts like comfort and safety.

In the bathroom:

To prolong the staged look, store toiletries in an inexpensive caddy and leave towels purposed as props in place. Before a showing, remove the caddy and any wet towels. Place the latter in the dryer for half an hour, and they’ll be fresh for use when the showing appointment is finished.

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