Marissa Bracke, Digital Marketing Strategist

Marissa Bracke | Digital Marketing Strategist | Alex Bracke Real Estate Group

Marissa supports the Alex Bracke Real Estate Group by advising on and implementing the many components of a robust digital strategy, including customer acquisition, content and email marketing, social media, search marketing, data and analytics, and optimization and testing science. She also develops and maintains the team's web presence.

Marissa's mission is to help her clients “Do Business Better.” Doing Business Better means creating a thriving and sustainable business, and measuring its success not just by its bottom line but by its ability to effect positive change for its team, its clients, and the wider community as well.

The Alex Bracke Real Estate Group's dedication to delivering expectation-exceeding experiences for their clients, to consistent personal and community betterment, and to a core ethos of “Love Life,” energizes and fuels Marissa's work with the team. “Digital marketing works best when my client is willing to be dynamic, adaptable, and relentlessly committed to listening to — and delivering for — the people they're serving,” Marissa explains. “That's the Alex Bracke Real Estate Group, and that's precisely why they perform at such high levels.”

When she's not studying marketing psychology or tweaking code on a website, Marissa loves to travel as much as possible and capture the details of her travels through iPhone photography. When she's at home, she's usually spending time with her two dogs, Pete and Arthur, reading, and sipping a cup of tea.